Somnoforum 2021 (French conference) – Amsterdam

Trainer: Mrs. Margret Verspaandonk , Local PAT® Academy Team ,
Course Location: Amsterdam, NL
Course Level: Basic
Dec 10, 2021
09:00 - 18:00


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    The  local Team of PAT® Academy will be on Itamar Medical booth for the entire duration of the Somnoforum, December 10th and 11th, 2021.


    The team will offer a continuous demonstration of case studies to show how the PAT® signal helps the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea.

    Come and choose your case studies to recognize into the signals :

    – Sleep Architecture wake/REM/NREM

    – Severe OSA

    – REM-related apnea

    – Position-related apnea

    – Atrial Fibrillation / other arrhythmias

    – Periodic Limb Movement

    – Central Sleep Apnea with Cheyne Stoke Respiration

    – Hypopnea

    – And more…


    Register to let us know that you’ll visit the booth and get a reminder few days before the conference.

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    About the Somnoforum conference :

    Mrs. Margret Verspaandonk
    • Director of Clinical Affairs Itamar Medical Europe, ESRS certified somnologist-technologist.
    • Member of the ESST (European Society of Sleep Technologists).
    • Member of the ESRS examination subcommittee in sleep medicine.
    • Worked as a somnologist-technologist in Kempenhaeghe – a tertiary center in the Netherlands – in where in-lab PSG with video are mostly performed.
    • Former manager of the department of epilepsy diagnosis and sleep diagnostics in Kempenhaeghe – a tertiary center in the Netherlands.
    Local PAT® Academy Team

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